Michele V. Varady, TLLP, MSCP

Clinical Psychotherapist at Michigan Mental Wellness

I am excited and honored to be part of Michigan Mental Wellness, serving as a clinical psychotherapist to both adults and adolescents. As a graduate of Madonna University, my practicum experience included individual, family and group therapy at Common Ground Sanctuary in Royal Oak, Mi. I am also educated in addiction and codependency, through past employment at Henry Ford Maplegrove. My interest in psychology started at a young age, after the death of my Mother. As a result, I grew up within some compromising circumstances. Realizing that life is never perfect, and at times more challenging than others, I sought out healthy coping skills through therapy. This process had enlightened me to the joys of life that I would not have been able experience without the gift of therapy. Along with my natural tendencies, personal experience, professional education and training, It is my great pleasure to share the gift of therapeutic guidance to those that seek it.


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